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Each of our lives is a journey…
                 the path that resonates with you.

Discover and use the latest neuroscience to rewire your brain for improved mental and physical health.

Continue the journey to who you are meant to be.

“I want everyone to have access to the powerful tools of neuroscience, integrated with the fullness of spirituality.”
    ---Alicia Ruelaz Maher, M.D., Founder-


IS It ADHD or My iPhone? book coverFrom Scattered to Centered

Understanding and Transforming
the Distracted Brain

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Know your brain - change your life!

SciencefortheJourney has reviewed the research, experienced the practices and can guide you to implement these changes quickly and easily.

So, take the quiz and discover your brain type.  You will be given a summary of your brain as well as ways to immediately make changes through choices that can be easily clicked to.

The best part is that the quiz, summary and most of the solutions are free.  We’re excited by what people discover and want to make this available to as many as possible. 

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Alicia R. Ruelaz, M.D.  

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  A very important step towards wellness. R.M.; I can't thank you enough for your teaching. C.M.