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Schedule a Workshop!

Dr. Alicia Ruelaz Maher is available to bring a workshop to your group or event. She has spoken on many topics, to professional and lay audiences, all over the world. Her presentation will be tailored to the needs of the individual audience.

Also available as a keynote speaker and for conference presentations.

For more information contact:


Individual Sessions

Rewire Your Brain…

Achieve your goals
Make changes in yourself and your life
Feel maximum energy and vitality

Whether you desire to change yourself physically, mentally, financially or otherwise, I can help you create that journey.  Guided by a professional, you will learn why your current brain structure is keeping you stuck, as you are empowered to use scientifically proven principles and practices to literally rewire your brain and transform your life. Experience a process that works, where traditional psychotherapy may have failed.

  • The convenience of phone sessions
  • The standards and knowledge of traditional medicine and psychotherapy
  • The transformational power of neuroscience breakthroughs

$300 per hour-long session

Sessions are done as frequently as you would like, in a convenient phone format.
Email the best number to reach you and the 3 most convenient times
for us to have the initial session.
You will receive an email confirming the time that is available
and a Paylpal link to sign-up.




Her experienceof the world is unique…an individual who is like no other.