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Did you know that 1 in 5 adults in the U.S. experiences mental illness in a given year?

And did you also know that up to 80% of people are not getting mental health treatment?

If only there was a way to get the tools of therapy with ease…

Now there is. In just 10 minutes per day, over the course of 10 days, you can get the powerful tools that I share with my patients to help shift troubling mental health conditions.

While personally enduring many years of a painful, disabling illness, I needed some relief for the anxiety, depression and trauma I was experiencing. I helplessly watched as friends disappeared, abilities were lost, traumatic treatments were endured and each day felt like torture.

Before this, I had done years of spiritual work, learned treatment techniques for my job as a psychiatrist, and devoured all the self-help I could find. This served me well in the struggle I was about to face. Through those awful years, I took those ideas, as well as new ones that I developed, and came up with the tools you find here. Despite what I was going through, I managed to find moments of happiness in the midst of unbearable pain. I consider it my greatest accomplishment.

After many years, things got better and I was able to offer these tools to patients and watch as they achieved results as well. The tools are simple, as that was all I could handle in a difficult time, but the results can be profound.

I must state the disclaimer that these are not meant to replace evaluation and treatment by a mental health professional. These are tools that can be used in addition to treatment and won’t be as effective if there are neurochemical or physiological issues that haven’t been addressed.

Meditation for Stress

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Tools for Overcoming PTSD

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Overcoming PTSD

Course description
Alicia Ruelaz Maher, M.D. offers you practical tools, from a range of traditions, including psychology, meditation, breathing practices, mindfulness and others. You will learn to understand and calm the nervous system to expand beyond the confines of PTSD and thrive in your life. Each day, you will learn tools to apply throughout that day. By the end of 10 days, you will have plenty of tools to help you manage and heal the symptoms of PTSD and move forward in life. Best of all, these tools can be utilized in addition to any other treatments you are currently undergoing.

Day 1 | Cognitive Distortions

Few of us realize how powerfully our thoughts affect our nervous system. Though your thoughts didn’t cause PTSD, there are certain thoughts that may be preventing you from overcoming it. Learn what these are and how to do simple shifts to create a healthier, healing mindset.

Day 2 | Mindfulness
As a researcher with the RAND corporation, I’ve reviewed thousands of studies on treating PTSD and have been extremely impressed with the results of trials utilizing mindfulness. Today we’ll learn more about using mindfulness to heal from PTSD and go through some exercises that are simple and quick so that you can use them at any time the need arises.

Day 3 | Healing Person and Neutral Descriptions
Today we’re going to look at changing from the harsh figure that most of us carry in our subconscious, to a more loving one that can help us heal. We’ll also build on the mindfulness exercises by using neutral descriptions of what is around us to bring the nervous system from an activated to a healing state.

Day 4 | Breathing
There are particular types of pranayama, or breathing exercises, that help to move the overactive nervous system to a calm and restorative state. Follow along to learn these simple techniques and then enjoy the soothing feeling when you are able to easily incorporate them with practice on your own.

Day 5 | Self-Compassion
Today we’ll explore how self-compassion can be difficult in PTSD and practice simple exercises that will transform your relationship with yourself, allowing you to enjoy your very existence, in a calm healthy way.

Day 6 | Expansion
With PTSD, we tend to live in a contracted state. We’ll talk about what this means and do a safe, simple practice for you to experience the beauty and healing of an expanded state.

Day 7 | Emotional Transformation
It’s easy to get trapped in emotional reactions to the circumstances of our lives. Today, we’ll go over how to notice these and utilize a specific tool to shift into a higher emotion. This is quick and extremely transformative, allowing for greater freedom as you move through life.

Day 8 | Visualizations
One of the most delicious ways of transforming the mind and the state of our nervous system is through visualizations. Today, you’ll enjoy being guided through this healing practice in a way that will make it easy to apply on your own, whenever needed.

Day 9 | Vagus Nerve Yoga
Today, we’ll learn some powerful techniques to activate the vagus nerve. This activation turns on the calming side of the nervous system, allowing for rest and healing. The techniques are great for calming throughout the day and are especially helpful for turning off the mental and physical activation that can make it so hard to sleep.

Day 10 | Yoga Nidra for PTSD
In this final session, we’ll do an enjoyable exercise in yoga nidra so that you can feel its calming effects. You’ll be instructed on how to use this to calm any troublesome activations you have during the day as well as implementing it to ease into sleep at night.

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