Spiritual-Neuroscience™ Programs

Spiritual-Neuroscience™ ProgramsI help people motivated to live their best life with easy techniques to achieve greater mental and spiritual well-being.

About Spiritual-Neuroscience™ Programs

I am so glad you’re taking the first steps in overcoming negative habits that no longer serve you, in order to lead a more joyful, effective life. I get what it’s like to be searching for that path that will give you consistent joy and fulfillment. And I totally get how life’s triggers can throw you off of that path after you think you’ve found the answers.

Despite a hefty academic path following my fascination with how the brain works, I wasn’t seeing a huge change in my life. So many a-ha moments, as I studied,  but I wasn’t able to use them to change myself and build a better life. No matter what I learned from medical school and psychiatry residency, it just wasn’t enough for the kind of joy, fulfillment and lasting change I was looking for.

During this time, I turned to spiritual practices like yoga and meditation and I experienced a joy that felt like ‘this is it’. But then I’d leave the yoga studio, retreat, or ashram and the challenges of life would hit and that joy quickly vanished. Perhaps you’ve been there, you keep doing the spiritual practices and getting into bliss but then life’s challenges keep throwing you off and back into old habits.

Luckily, life gave me the opportunity to incorporate the best of the neuroscience with the best of spiritual practices into simple tools, and I found the joy, effectiveness and fulfillment I’d been looking for. Consistently. This is what I bring to clients. This is what I bring to YOU.

Being able to share these techniques with my patients as an Integrative Psychiatrist and watch them grow, has been so exciting. But one thing I kept hearing, is of their friends and loved ones who couldn’t afford this treatment but could really use the help. That led to me creating downloadable self-help programs and putting them on my website.

Now everyone can benefit from these Spiritual Neuroscience techniques!

Achieving Calm in 10 Minutes a Day

An enjoyable format to learn quick, easy techniques, integrating Eastern Traditions and Western Neuroscience, empowering YOU to conquer anxiety.